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we are

two london grown artists on a journey of exploration through art, clothing and identity

our roots : africa and jamaica ‘aff&jam’

we are one part african (ghanaian specifically) and one part jamaican together with our love of arts, music and life our origins are a profound part of whom we identify as; faces, features and femininity inspires our lines and shapes 

our concept: wearable arts

each of our pieces are carefully hand printed and painted which make them uniquely exclusive

our ethics: conscious and sustainable 

reworked is a term we use for our vintage and recycled items which are recreated individually and promotes the reduction of waste 

all of our packaging is plastics free and 100% recyclable

our original collection : organics

AFF&JAM produced this range of products are sourced from respectable fair trade certified factories using locally sourced and organic fabrics 

our aims are to grow consciously and continue to promote empowerment and body positivity 

stay blessed

~ °